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Kennels are not designed for humans but we still have to get in there to give them a good clean every once in a while. A Flip Top Lid gives you easier access to the inside and a larger opening to insert bedding etc. All lids are lined with R3.0 Aircell insulation just like the rest of the Kennel structure ensuring maximum comfort for your pet.


* Please note Flip Top Lid price on  XL, XXL STANDARD and Large DOUBLE is slightly higher due to the scale for the build.


  • - The Kennel roof is fitted with Gas Struts, hinges and a cast iron grab handle.

    - Made from Colorbond Steel and plyboard lining.

    - Flip Top Lid is R3.0 insulated like the rest of your Kennel.

    - Fitted with side latches to hold the lid down tightly.

    - Please make sure you have enough clearance above the Kennel for the roof to lift up.

    - Only available on STANDARD and DOUBLE Kennel designs. 

    - Please select your Kennel size from the drop down menu as slight price variants with Larger Kennels.

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