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The Kustom BUNGALOW is the newest & best edition to our Kennel range.


It is the next step up from our STANDARD Kennel and really embraces a more modern cube design. It has a large enclosed sleeping space and wide merbau decking across the front.


You can choose to have walls on the sides of the verandah for extra weather protection, if not the metal posts remain and your dog/s still has a roof for shade when they are lounging out the front.


All structures are insulated top to bottom with aircell wrap r3.0 making it the ultimate cosy bedroom for your pets. You can choose the colour of both the cladding on the walls and roof to match the exterior of your home.


Don't forget to there are a few more extras you can add; Swing Doors, Castor Wheels or post to this model


If our set sizes don't suit your space please get in contact with us and we can make alterations.


The bungalows pictured have some optional extras that aren't included but can be added.. Swing doors, castor wheels and posts 


  • Dimensions:

    External - 2000 (W) x 1500 (D) x 1050 (H)

    Internal - 1950 (W) x 1450 (D) x 950 (H)

    *Enlcosed section 2000 (w) x 900 (d) , deck area 2000 (w) x 600 (d)

    - The height is measured from the highest point which is the front. The roof has gentle slope to allow rain water run off at the back.

    - Kennels are Internally constructed using a roll formed steel frame, Ply lined walls and painted plyboard floor.

    - Colorbond steel sheeting and flashings finish off the kennels Externally.

    - For safety purposes all metal trims are safety folded to eliminate sharp edges.

    - Select Colorbond Colour/s 

    - Options include: Dividing wall $100, Extra Dooorway $100, Enclosed Verandah sides $100, Swing Door left right or both sides $200 each. Choice of Castor Wheels or Sqaure 100mm Merbau posts $100

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